Granger Bay

Home to one of Cape Town’s speciality training establishments - The Granger Bay Campus.

  • The first suburb to the west of the harbour, Granger Bay has a history longer than that of Cape Town. In 1647 a VOC ship named the Haarlem ran aground there, and the crew lived ashore in the wreckage of their vessel for a year. It was probably their ability to survive that led to the establishment of a permanent base there in 1652.
  • One of the crew members stranded was a young VOC company merchant called Jan van Riebeeck. He volunteered to return to establish the Company base.
  • Granger Bay received its current name from Captain Robert Granger, a merchant who owned five vessels.
  • Currently the home of the Oceana Power Boat Club, Granger Bay sees a lot of activity on its slipway with leisure boats and smaller fishing vessels launching constantly.
  • Granger Bay is also home to one of Cape Town’s specialty training establishments, the Granger Bay Campus. At this facility are the renowned Cape Town Hotel School, the Maritime Engineering Department and the cutting-edge Survival Centre.
  • Granger Bay has a vibrant upmarket community, with leading restaurants, an organic market and even a golf course. Placed as it is so close to the V&A, it is a perfect residential area.

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